Ben&Jerry’s collaborates with Refugees Welcome

It’s been a few years since Ben&Jerry’s has collaborated with Sala Montjuïc, but this year we have asked the Refugees Welcome Organization to join us.

And we have done it because at Ben&Jerry’s we want to defend asylum seekers and refugees’ rights since we believe that we can not build borders to justice. That is why we push for a greater international cooperation and we take the collective responsibility to meet these challenges. In addition, we claim for the improvement of national systems of asylum and resettlement, since we need national policies that protect the right to asylum and advance human rights and dignity. And finally, we struggle to build connections as we believe we have far more in common than that which divides us, so we work to support understanding and awareness between locals and newcomers.

To achieve all these, we have asked Refugees Welcome to join us during the Sala Montjuïc Film Festival. You will find us there on June 28, July 3, 10, 24 and 26 and on August 2, scooping ice cream and with many more surprises.

Are you ready to join the welcoming culture of Refugees Welcome? Come to our stall and dare to mix with other people, to melt barriers and to collectively build an open and welcoming society.

Come and find us at our food truck and further discover how you can collaborate with Refugees Welcome while we eat a tasty ice cream!