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Manchester frente al mar



22:00 - FILM

Manchester by the Sea, Kenneth Lonergan, USA, 2016

Bored and listless, Lee Chandler makes a living as a janitor and handyman. He left his hometown to try to forget his past, but when his brother Joe dies, he is forced to return. The responsibilities that await him there revive his guilty feelings.

Through serene, austere images Lonergan tells a moving story without melodrama. In a slow-burning performance, Casey Affleck gradually builds up to an Oscar-winning portrayal of a man consumed by self-torture.

Not recommended for spectators under the age of 12 years.

20:45 - LIVE MUSIC

Maio de Sal (music from Portugal, Brazil and Cape Verde)

Maio and Sal are two islands in Cape Verde, a paradise where the music is rich in Portuguese influences. The islands are also referenced in name of a group formed by four female artists enamoured of Portuguese sounds: Maio de Sal. The group, from Sant Cugat, perform a repertoire of songs with delicate arrangements, creating a warm atmosphere full of feeling in their live shows.

Anna Herrero: vocals, percussion and bass ukulele. 
Leticia Martín: guitar and vocals. 
Maria Soto: percussion and vocals. 
Yolanda Moreno: percussion and vocals.


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