Tickets are available for two people within a separate, numbered plot. Plots can be purchased with or without loungers.

Plot for two people: €15 (7’50€ each person +banking expenses)

Plot for two people with loungers: €21,00 (10’50€ each person +banking expenses)


1) Purchasing two tickets for the same sector implies confirmation that ticket holders are in the same social bubble. If this is not the case, face masks must be worn to reduce the risk of infection.

2) Sales are exclusively online. There will be no physical box office.

3) No returns or changes of tickets are allowed, except in cases when the session is suspended.

4) If sessions are suspended due to rain before doors open or up to 9.30 pm, the price of tickets will be refunded. If sessions are suspended after 9.30 pm, there will be no refunds, but spectators have the right to exchange tickets for sessions at Sala Montjuïc 2021. Due to this year’s arrangements, with pre-assigned seating spaces for spectators, it is impossible to re-locate spectators in another session.

5) If sessions are cancelled, this will be announced on the Sala Montjuïc social media.

6) The purchase of tickets for Sala Montjuïc implies acceptance of these conditions and those established in the ANTI-COVID-19 MEASURES