Sala Montjuïc embraces Open Arms

Sala Montjuïc supports the awareness-raising and humanitarian aid work performed by Open Arms, a non-profit NGO whose main mission is to protect the lives at sea of those who attempt to reach Europe, fleeing from war, persecution or poverty.


By donating to this cause, we can help Open Arms increase its capacity to protect human lives and human rights at sea and to report violations of these rights. Since 2018, Open Arms has also gone beyond this role of protecting people at sea to organise missions to the countries where these people come from to inform the population about the dangers of irregular routes to Europe and prevent them from falling into the hands of traffickers that systematically violate their rights as they attempt to migrate. Open Arms also offers opportunities for training and integration into employment in cooperation with the private sector in the countries of origin of many irregular migrants.

Make a donation when you buy tickets for Sala Montjuïc and help Open Arms in its vital humanitarian work.

You can register to make a regular donation or obtain more information about Open Arms here

As part of our support for this cause, on Friday, July 17 Sala Montjuïc will show Tharib, a short directed by Gerard Vidal Cortés and produced by ESCAC in cooperation with Open Arms. The film tells the story of a young man whose job is to steer boats packed with migrants from Morocco to the Spanish coast. Tharib denounces the criminal gangs that traffic with human lives on the other side of the Mediterranean.