Marc Suárez quintet
Monday 25/07

22:00 - FILM

The Big Lebowski, Joel Coen, USA, 1998

Original version in English with Spanish subtitles 

The Dude is a quiet guy from Los Angeles with a personal philosophy of life who spends his time smoking pot, drinking White Russians and going to the bowling rink with his friends. One day he finds himself caught up in a dangerous gangland affair when he is mistaken for a millionaire with the same real name, Jeff Lebowski.

A magnificent comedy featuring a cast of zany characters, rich in surreal intrigue.

Not recommended for spectators under 12 years of age 

20:45 - LIVE MUSIC

Marc Suárez quintet (flamenco, rumba)

Marc Suárez presents a project that fuses the singer-songwriter’s art with genres like flamenco, rumba and Latin sounds. Performing live, he serves up a repertoire of tunes with finely-honed lyrics, harmonies and melodies aimed at sharing messages and generating emotions.


Marc Suárez: vocals and guitar
Juan Finger: bass
Daniel Giró: keyboards
Frederico Vannini: guitar
Jesús Campos: percussion


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