LIVE MUSIC LaKolmena Bcn
Friday 22/07

22:00 - FILM

West Side Story, Steven Spielberg, USA, 2021

In New York’s West Side, a marginal neighbourhood, two street gangs are fighting for territory: the Puerto Rican “Sharks”, and the “Jets”, with European roots. Despite being connected to the opposing gangs, two youngsters, Tony and Maria, fall in love. Their passion sets off a tragic series of events. 

Spielberg’s film is a remake of the legendary 60’s musical, a modern version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

Not recommended for spectators under 12 years of age

20:45 - LIVE MUSIC

LaKolmena Bcn (percussion)

Eight percussionists, coordinated by the conductor’s signs, present a live show featuring frenetic rhythms, led by two Latino musicians: the percussionist Pablo Villarreal and the drummer Salvador Toscano. In their hugely enjoyable, dynamic performance, the group fuses a wide range of musical styles.

Daniel Sanchez
Sol Homar
Albert Sabater
Roger Martínez
Camilo Vernazza
Gustavo Sassone
Pablo Villarreal
Salvador Toscano


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