Wednesday 15/07

22:00 - FILM

Joker, Todd Phillips, USA, 2019

Original English version with Spanish subtitles

Arthur Fleck lives in Gotham City with his mother. His only passion is making people laugh. Although he gets occasional gigs to give clown shows, his mental troubles turn people against him. His great dream is to perform as a comedian on stage, but a series of tragic events makes his anger grow against a society that ignores him.

Joaquin Phoenix turns in a stunning performance with his sad, pathetic, brutal Joker, a role that won him the Oscar for best actor at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony.

Not recommended for spectators under 18 years

20:45 - LIVE MUSIC

Mirla Riomar Quartet (Brazilian music)

Mirla and her band take us on a musical journey to Brazil, particularly the north-east of the country, where the culture is rich in African and indigenous traditions. Serving up a variety of styles and sounds, including samba and bossa nova, her quartet perform a repertoire that blends their own compositions with classic numbers.


Mirla Riomar: vocals and percussion
Marcel Vallès: guitar
Tony Cruz: bass
Ed Moreira: drums


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