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22:00 - FILM

El Cameraman, Edward Sedgwick i Buster Keaton, USA, 1928.

Silent movie with intertitles in Spanish 

A portrait photographer falls in love with a girl who works at a film studio and decides to become a cameraman in the hope that she will notice him. Finally, after many setbacks, he gets his chance to show her what he’s worth. But can he overcome his reputation as being too clumsy and get to work at her side?

An iconic film starring Buster Keaton, one of the greatest clowns in movie history, an actor gifted with extraordinary talent for visual gags. At this session, the silent movie is accompanied by live music by the composer and pianist Josep Maria Baldomà. 

Suitable for all audiences. 

Admission free for all children until 12 years old.

This movie is recommended and presented by:

20:45 - LIVE MUSIC

Acoustic Guiri Explosion (jazz, swing, blues)

Although Acoustic Guiri are clearly influenced by jazz and swing, the quintet cannot be pinned down, but take listeners on a journey through their own compositions and delicate reworkings of pieces in other styles. The most striking ingredient in their sound is, perhaps, the sweet, hypnotic voice of Julie Hamar, drenched in blues and soul. The result of all this is a singular sound, music that elegantly fuses a range of influences.

Vocals: Julie Hamar
Violin: Fanny Abela
Trombone: Samuel Marthe
Guitar: Francisco Asensio
Bass: François Georges-Picot


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