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22:15 - FILM

Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan, United Kingdom, 2017

Original version in English with Spanish subtitles

During World War Two, 400,000 soldiers are cornered by the Nazi army on the beaches of Dunkirk. For a week, they await evacuation by British ships, aware that the enemy is preparing to attack. Despite their fear, Allied forces put up a desperate resistance by land, sea and air, even as the bombs begin to fall.

Using sparse dialogue and a haunting soundtrack, Christopher Nolan recounts a grim episode in the war, creating a superb film rich in visual and narrative power.

Not recommended for spectators under the age of 12 years

22:00 - SHORT

Fugit, Marta Bayarri, Spain, 2016

20:45 - LIVE MUSIC

Crazy Red Balls (swing)

Ready to dance? Crazy Red Balls are a Barcelona-based swing band formed by six really international musicians. The band plays a lively repertoire of jazz tunes from the 30s and 40s, having fun as they build a really lively atmosphere. Yes, they are hot! The energy they give off would have seen them hired to play at a party organised by the Great Gatsby.

Vladirmir Uspenskii – guitar, banjo, vocals
Ilya Matveev – sax, vocals
Julio Marks – sax
Sergio Mesa – double bass
Quico Cuco – washboard


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