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Stage sponsored by Damm. 

  30 JUNE
  Pixie Dixie

With a career spanning more than 25 years, Pixie Dixie are one of Lleida’s most respected bands, playing at such festivals as Jazzaldia in Donostia-San Sebastián, the Dixieland Festival in Tarragona and Jazz Tardor in Lleida itself. There is no doubt that this is one of the most interesting bands on tour in the country at present, and their exciting, no-holds-barred live act is certain to have us on our feet.

Pepe Cardona: trombone
Miguel Ángel Arranz: alto and tenor sax
Marco Antonio: clarinet
Eduardo: banjo
Alfredo Requejo: trumpet
Jesús León: trumpet and percussion
Quinto García: double bass
Manolo Cardona: percussion
Juan Peña: saxophone

  01 JULY
  Natalia Boechat Quartet
Brazilian music, Barcelona

The Natalia Boechat Quartet is a project that was born in Barcelona when the Brazilian singer teamed up with three fellow South American musicians. The fusion of this trio’s experience with Natalia’s natural-sounding vocals results in a sound that is the fruit of a rare mutual understanding. Now, the Quartet takes audiences on an intimate journey, exploring different styles in Brazilian music.

Natalia Boechat: vocals
Paulinho Lemos: guitar and vocals
Adriano Alves: bass
Salvador Toscano: drums

  03 JULY
  Sant Andreu Jazz Band

The Sant Andreu Jazz Band, an ensemble that is truly the pride of Barcelona, is formed by young musicians (mostly aged between 8 and 16 years) under the musical direction of Joan Chamorro. The burgeoning talent of these young people, led by Andrea Motis, has made this one of the most admired jazz bands in Europe.

Performance of the whole band under the direction of Chamorro and the voices of Eva Fernández, Magalí Datzira, Andrea Motis, Paula Berzal, Alba Armengou, Helena Pañart, Alba Esteban and Eduard Ferrer.

  05 JULY
  Questioni Meridionali Folk

Piero Pesce, an expert in southern Italian folk music, has worked with such outstanding artists as Carles Belda, Joan Garriga and Manu Chao. He now introduces his latest and most exciting project: Questioni Meridionali folk.

Piero Pesce: vocals, percussion and guitar
Stefano Pompilio: double bass
Jimmy Sciortino: guitar and violin
Flaviano Ieronimo: percussion
Binod Katuwal: bansuri

  08 JULY
  Anna Luna Lucas Quintet
Bossa nova / Jazz

Anna Lucas presents a live act that pays tribute to the female figure through music in a sound that, whilst sticking to jazz roots, also tips its cap to such styles as swing, bebop, samba and latin jazz.

Anna Luna: vocals
Jaume Vilaseca: piano
Curro Gálvez: double bass
Roberto Faenza: drums and percussion
Víctor de Diego: saxes and flute

  10 JULY
  Biel Ballester Trio

A jazz trio that veers away from tradition to seek a style that is less American and more European. Besides playing the best-known standards in their chosen genre, written by Django Reinhardt, the ensemble also embrace the new trends laid down by gypsy musicians today, as well as contributing their own grain of sand to developing the style by performing their own compositions.

Biel Ballester: solo guitar
Gracias Pedro: rhythm guitar
Leander Hipaucha: double bass 

  12 JULY
  Thais Morell
Brazilian music

Born in southern Brazil, Thais Morell forms part of a new generation of musicians whose thorough training fully prepares them to take on any musical style whatsoever. A singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, her warm and powerful voice will lead us to discover a world of Brazilian sounds, tinged with folk and jazz.

  15 JULY
  JazzIn’ Time (jazz vocal)

 Building on their success in instrumental jazz ensembles such as GRA 'the trio' and TAK!, the members of Jazzin’ Time have enriched their firmly-established sound by teaming up with the young vocalist Antonio Navarro, who adds new colours, new melodies to the mix. The band play self-penned compositions and jazz standards, to which they add their own personal touch, in a sound that features a rich blend of timbres.

Antonio Navarro: vocals
Juanjo Fernández: piano
Manel Fortià: double bass
Marco Bódalo: drums

  17 JULY
  Clara Luna Quartet

With ten years devoted to singing and composing under her belt, the vocalist Clara Luna now presents a repertoire that includes both jazz standards and her own works, featuring influences from all the different genres with which she has experimented. The result is a blend of rhythms with Mediterranean roots, fusing jazz, bossa nova and pop in a fluid, elegant style.

Clara Luna: vocals
Andreu Zaragoza: guitar
Rai Ferrer: double bass
Xavi Maureta: drums

  19 JULY

Swingapur is an ensemble born at the Taller de Músics, formed by pupils from the “musicians’ workshop” who have teamed up to transmit the chemistry and feeling generated at open rehearsals and weekly jams at the JazzSí Club. The band’s jazz repertoire embraces several styles, including swing, bebop and bossa nova.

Saphie Wells: vocals
Joan Subirats: tenor sax
Jordi Mestre: guitar
Andreu Castro: drums
Xavi Castillo: double bass 

  22 JULY
  Joan Vidal Sextet

The Joan Vidal Sextet presents "Deptford Suite", an original composed work by Vidal himself, inspired by the Canadian author Robertson Davies’ trilogy of novels. The suite comprises seven movements, fusing modern and free jazz with contemporary music.

Joan Vidal: drums and compositions
Gabriel Amargant: tenor sax and clarinet
Martí Serra: tenor and soprano sax
Marco Mezquida: piano
Adrià Plana: guitar
Miguel Serna: double bass

  24 JULY
Contemporary flamenco

The ensemble formed in 2011 thanks to chance meetings amongst the members-to-be. After months of hard work, writing and rehearsing, Tenderete present a highly original repertoire, including self-penned numbers that place traditional flamenco within a more contemporary context.

Alba Bioque: cante
Sergio Di Finizio: electric bass
Antonio García Bustos: guitar
Ruth Quesada: baile
Plácido Muñoz "Cañailla": percussion

  26 JULY
  Anna Herrero
Bossa nova / Jazz

When music catches you young, it is certain to come out later. Music becomes a vital, passionate form of expression, enabling artists to frame their thoughts, experiences and images at each moment. At this moment, that is exactly what Anna Herrero is whispering into our ear. With her, we embark on a journey washed by the waves of a bossa nova ocean, for this Brazilian sound seems to have captured her heart. She sings directly, sincerely, her voice clear and frank, moving us and sharing with us her love for the beauty of small things.

Anna Herrero: vocals
Claudio Nervi: piano
Rodrigo Balduino: bass
Gilberto Rivero: saxes
Nico Correa: drums

  29 JULY
  Venancio y los Jóvenes de Antańo
Cuban music

Taking bolero and Cuban song as their starting point, as well as shamelessly dipping into jazz, rancheras, rumba and even the Majorcan jota, these five brave musicians deliver an original repertoire whose brilliance will leave even the young in body and spirit open-mouthed in amazement.

Dani Álvarez: vocals and composition
Joan Gil: vocals and backing vocals
Bernat Torras: percussion and backing vocals
Gerard Cantero: bass and backing vocals
Nastuko Sugao: trumpet and backing vocals

  31 JULY
  El colectivo featuring Marcel·li Bayer

“Conversaciones” is an album created through the meeting of three musicians, two from Vilanova (Catalonia), the third Argentinian. On stage, the trio deliver an original repertoire, establishing a three-way dialogue. In their simplicity, these compositions take us on a journey in which music plays a descriptive, evocative role. As they improvise around their self-penned material, the trio interlace fresh-sounding melodies to generate a sonic environment that reflects all the light of the nearby Mediterranean.

Jordi Mestres: double bass
Elisabet Raspall: piano
Ramiro Rosa: drums

  Leslie Hespert Cuarteto

Leslie Helpert and Albert Vila met in Barcelona and teamed up thanks to their shared love for traditional jazz. They now form part of this quartet, which pays tribute to the music of Billie Holiday.

Leslie Helpert: vocals
Albert Vila: guitar
Pere Loewe: bass
Esteve Pi: drums

  Hop's Trio
Jazz / Swing

Hop's Trio are a young ensemble formed to perform the great swing classics from the legendary 30s. Their repertoire features tunes by the likes of Benny Goodman, Oscar Peterson and Louis Armstrong, amongst others, all perfect to enable Lindy Hop dancers to strut their stuff.

Tomy Muñoz: clarinet
Albert Llovet: piano
David Benitez: double bass

  Chino & The Big Bet
Blues / Swing

With his energetic, charismatic stage presence, Chino is one of the biggest names on the Barcelona blues and swing scene, his elegant mastery of the slide guitar delighting and amazing audiences. Backed by his band, The Big Bet, Chino has performed at major concert halls and festivals in Spain and all over Europe.

Chino: slide guitar and vocals
Rod Deville: double bass
Giggs Nother: drums


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